Cop Fired Over Facebook Posts That Called Former POTUS Obama “A Coon”, and Disparaged Gays, Wants His Job Back

A fired Gainesville police officer whose Facebook page featured posts that referred to former President Barack Obama as a “coon” wants his job back, according to The Gainesville Sun.

Jason King has a June 25 meeting with Gainesville’s City Manager in the hopes of explaining why he should be reinstated after he was fired for racist and homophobic posts on his social media page.

He’s got a lot of explaining to do.

King’s Facebook page–which the newspaper pointed out is not surprisingly loaded with misspellings– also allegedly featured posts that described the nation’s first Black President as a “Coon, Puppet, Sellout, Lying, Profitiering, murdering, slave strading, homosexual, pedophilic, horemongering, hamitic, demon possessed weak man…”.

King also had something negative to post about the LGBT community.

“It’s not about gay to straight; it’s about lost to saved.”

King reportedly considers himself a born-again Christian.

It was reportedly the second time King was warned about controversial posts on his Facebook page. Reportedly, he was told he could be terminated if another incident occurred.

After voicing concern that King’s positions could impact his ability to work as a law enforcement official in a diverse community, and after a second recurrence of controversial social media posts, city officials moved to terminate King.

King has hired an attorney to represent him.


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