Democrats Hope Their Voters Keep Turning Out In High Numbers In Florida As Election Nears

Democrats are hoping their voters continue to show up for early voting and return their absentee ballots at a high rate in order to fend off what is expected to be a surge of Republicans voting in-person on Election Day, November 3.

Yesterday, the state broke records as 350,000 people across the state showed up to vote early.

The Florida Division of Elections reported 154,004 votes cast by Democrats, 153,743 by Republicans and 58,689 by no party and minor party voters at early voting locations as of Tuesday morning.

In addition, 2.7 million citizens have are reported to have already voted by mail. Between that and the early votes, 20 percent of all registered Floridians have voted already.  As of Monday morning, Democrats returned nearly 1.23 million ballots, while Republicans had returned over 757,000.

While Democrats have the edge in mail-in ballots, party leaders are encouraging Democrats to turn in their ballots, vote early, or vote in person on Election Day.

Florida’s statewide elections are commonly close, and President Donald Trump carried the state by about 1% in 2016. In 2012 and 2016, former President Barack Obama carried the state by a small margin as well.

But this time, a lot more is on the line, such as health care, the fight against coronavirus, voting rights, and Covid assistance, so Democrats are hoping to turn not only supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden, but win the lion’s share of Independent voters as well.

And while Joe Biden could afford to lose Florida is he secures wins in other states, Trump is virtually guaranteed to lose the election if he comes up short in the Sunshine State, prompting Democrats to encourage their voters to help deliver the knockout blow to Trump’s reelection effort by stopping him cold in Florida.

The race is super close: Recent polls show Biden leading Trump with a tiny 1% of voters.

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