Photo Of Ice Cube and 50 Cent Wearing Trump 2020 Hats Turns Heads On Twitter

A photo showing rap legends Ice Cube and 50 Cent sitting courtside sporting matching TRUMP 2020 caps stirred controversy on social media as fans of the veteran MCs expressed shock and confusion over the pic, which was shared in an Instagram post by Eric Trump, Jr., son of President Donald Trump.

The president’s son captioned the image, “Two great, courageous, Americans!”.

But Twitter quickly labeled the purportedly Photoshopped image “manipulated media”, after a photo surfaced that showed the original photo, taken at a basketball game–which did not feature either man wearing the pro-Trump hat.

Aside from posting a casual tweet in which he offered a “nigga please” regarding the image, Ice Cube seemed intent on ignoring the controversy, which came days after the Cali-born rap icon announced he was working with the Trump administration on a planned business-focused economic package aimed at Black Americans.

Cube was criticized for working with the Republican president who many pointed out is in cahoots with White supremacists and has done nothing for Black people during his 4 years in office aside from letting Alice Johnson out of prison early.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent announced he supports Trump’s reelection, specifically because he said Joe Biden’s tax plans focuses on raising taxes for people who earn more than $400,000 annually–a sliver of the American public, and an even tinier sliver of the Black American public.

Evidently, 50 doesn’t realize most of his supporters are not pulling down more than half a million a year.

Meanwhile, some fans think both rappers got duped by the Trump campaign.

President Trump is touting the support of a tiny but slightly growing number of African-Americans voting for Trump who, like 50, are happy to vote for the president even though the majority of Black Americans view them as being used as props for Trump’s reelection campaign.

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