Its Up To Black Voters To Defeat Trump, Republicans: Editorial

With one day to go until voting in the high stakes 2020 election is a wrap, Black voters–as the true but often overlooked base of the Democratic Party–will be counted on to deliver the margins needed to unseat President Donald Trump and Republicans in contests across the state and country.

The stakes could not be higher. Everything from health care to police reform is on the line.

Meanwhile, election watchers have voiced concern that turnout in Black communities around south Florida, especially Miami-Dade, the state’s most populous county, is lagging while Florida’s Cuban population, long a reliable Republican voting bloc, is turning out in high numbers for Trump.

This is a serious issue that has generated angst in the ranks of the Joe Biden campaign. Biden is hoping progressive White voters will keep dropping ballots in support of the former vice president while many seniors, terrified by the president’s sloppy handling of the deadly coronavirus, also turn their support to Democrats.

Democrats traditionally do not garner a majority of White votes in presidential elections in the South.

So in the states that count, it is the Black Vote that will prove critical. And it is our community that has the most to lose or gain if we do not turn out and VOTE.

Let’s keep it 100: When its all said and done, a loss in Florida is all but certain to end Trump’s campaign. Biden knows it; Trump surely knows it as well. Which is why the president was celebrating low Black voter turnout at one of his super spreader rallies over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the country is seeing rising numbers of deaths and infections due to Covid, as we grapple with a raging pandemic that has killed almost a quarter of a million Americansmany of them Black Americans. Family members, friends, neighbors, other loved ones–GONE.

And many others sickened, or forced to return to jobs as frontline workers in occupations that suddenly became risky occupations in the early days of the virus spread, when protective equipment and even hand sanitizer was virtually nonexistent.

It wasn’t supposed to be that way. Remember, President Trump admitted he knew the virus was deadly in January–but downplayed it, he said, so as not to “panic” us.

At the same time, he was claiming there was nothing to fear while dismissing life saving science and masks, and calling the virus a “Democrat hoax”.

And he wasn’t worrying about panicking anybody when he was telling suburban women (White suburban women) that hordes of (read: Black) people were coming to ransack their homes, eyeing land next door so as to welcome in a wave of TV-stealing Section 8ers to a neighborhood near them.

And then there were those who lost jobs and the roofs over their heads as layoffs mounted, furthering the economic plight of struggling Black single parents and middle class families.

When those unemployment checks stopped, thanks to Republican refusal to help struggling Americans, many Black Americans found it hard to keep food on the table–or even keeping table in its place, let alone the roof that sits over it.

Meanwhile, Republicans were busy trying to bulldoze Obamacare benefits while ignoring a virus that was decimating the population.

And while police murders were ending Black lives, Republicans were labeling peaceful protests riots, and advocating for the imprisonment of up to 10 years for people who defaced monuments celebrating the lives of slaveholders but call people who try to run the Biden campaign bus off the road “patriots” who “did nothing wrong”.

Incidentally, to ensure that Black voices remained silent, the push to suppress Black votes continued, glaringly so in Florida, where voters in 2018 approved Amendment 4–which offered restored voting rights to people with felony convictions, by a nearly 2 to 1 percentage–but Florida’s Republican governor, Ron Desantis, led the fight to take those voting rights away: The rights of more than 1 million largely Black people that voters themselves said deserved the vote.

After Florida Republicans were done, only about 40,000 people of that number were able to register to vote prior to this election.

And speaking of criminal justice, Republicans have claimed it was Trump who blazed the trail of much-needed reform of a justice system that has historically favored imprisoning Black people at high rates. But the majority of people who are incarcerated are in state and county facilities–not federal prison, and Republicans are ignoring that fact.

Trump’s reforms may have freed Alice Johnson and a few other Black folks, but here in Florida, Black people account for 14% of the total population–but nearly half of its inmates.

This election is literally about life or death for our community, and 4 more years of Trump and Republicans doesn’t mean anything good for Black Americans who need health care, jobs, and who want the senseless, immoral, and unlawful killings of unarmed Black people by police to end.

Can Black America trust Trump to address those issues? He’s already admitted in an interview that he doesn’t feel Black pain, and he’s also shown support to White racist groups. That said, not only does Trump NOT deserve our support, but we need to make sure we vote against him and encourage every other Black person we know to do the same.

Its time for change. And its up to Black Americans–specifically in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado and Minnesota to deliver it.

And its not just about voting Trump out: The Republican Party in general has shown it only exists to serve Trump and carbon copies his initiatives which means it doesn’t give a damn about Black people either.

VOTE. Put your mask on, stay socially distant, and VOTE.

And vote DEMOCRAT.

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