Are Businesses Doing Enough To Protect Customers from Covid-19?

As the deadly reality of the coronavirus pandemic swept over America, many retailers and businesses, in the midst and aftermath of mandatory shutdowns, began to require customers who enter their places of business to wear a mask or facial covering.

Some stores even began offering masks free of charge to customers who do not bring a mask with them.

Many stores also began posting signs advising customers that masks are a required shopping necessity. But not all stores are enforcing their own policies.

While shopping at most medium to large retailers, you’ll notice masks are a common site. But its also not uncommon to see some mask-less folks shopping, loudly talking on cell phones, and even handling food items on shelves and in the produce section of grocery stores.

For those who are trying to avoid contracting the lethal Covid-19 virus that has sent more than a quarter of a million Americans to their graves, and infected 15 million others, no amount of social distancing settles the uneasiness of seeing mask-less people browsing through aisles near them in a retail store.

Polls show most Americans support mask wearing. But businesses seem to be struggling to encourage all of their customers to wear masks while shopping; some retailers have tried to enforce mask requirements but end up in wild confrontations that end up going viral on social media and WorldStarHipHop.

Health experts have said for months that if every American were to wear a mask consistently, then the nation’s monstrous Covid numbers would shrink dramatically. But many Americans have chosen to ignore the advice of health experts and instead listened to President Trump, who mostly eschewed masks and continues to hold large rallies that experts have labeled super spreader events, even after Trump himself contracted the virus, but recovered after a specialized treatment not currently available to the broader public.

While not every shopper will wear a mask, disease experts recommend other shoppers to practice social distancing in stores, and to wear a mask and make sure it covers the face and mouth. Some experts have urged Americans to consider wearing eyewear or goggles when out shopping as well.

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