Could Covid Anxiety, PlayStation 5 Game System Shortages Have Something To Do With Increased Retail Store Brawls?

Even as the coronavirus pandemic rages, shoppers are heading out to stores, hoping to snag last minute deals for Christmas gifts, like the super-popular, all-new PlayStation 5–which is currently in limited supply around the country.

And limited supplies coupled with Covid anxiety may have something to do with what appears to be a spike in store brawls nationwide.

Three family members in Doral, Florida ended up in jail recently after one of them allegedly punched a policewoman in the face after an exchange inside a Wal-Mart that was set off after store employees announced there were only 5 of the game systems left to sell, angering the more than 30 customers who were reportedly there to purchase systems.

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And a fight between two women at another Wal-Mart is now going viral as well.

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Retail store showdowns have become a time honored American tradition in the digital era, it seems, and videos showing physical battles in retail stores are regularly uploaded to social media, where they frequently go viral.

Could the stress of the surging pandemic and limited limited supply for certain products be causing increased shopper anger?

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