Dionne Warwick Offers Slight Read At Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Credit: Wendy Williams Show

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick took the time to slightly gather TV talk queen Wendy Williams over comments Wendy made about the “San Jose” singer on a recent episode of her popular talk show.

“She doesn’t like me… She’s a friend to the show ’cause she has something to promote and we’re the social influencers and she’s smart,” Wendy said. “But, once she gets off the show, you know she’s probably like, ‘B**ch’.”

Wendy added: “It’s okay, Ms. Warwick, it’s okay.”

Wendy then remarked on 79 year old Warwick’s newly discovered tweeting habits and suggested Warwick lets her down at the keyboard after putting one in the air, rehashing Warwick infamously getting caught with about a dozen joints a few years ago.

Warwick was not amused, and expressed her feelings on Twitter.

Take a peek:

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