New Stimulus Deal May Include $600-700 Stimulus Checks: report

Congress is discussing a new stimulus deal that may include stimulus payments to Americans–but at a small pocket rate of $600-700–much lower than the $1,200 payment given to Americans earlier in the year.

The new proposal also includes extended unemployment payments.

The deal is expected to include a new round of stimulus checks, but no money for state and local aid, a priority Democrats had pushed for, and no lawsuit protections, which Republicans wanted, according to a source briefed on the talks. The source cautioned that nothing is final until it is unveiled, but that’s where this is headed at the moment. A separate person familiar with the talks told CNN negotiators are closing in on a deal that will include enhanced unemployment insurance benefits.-CNN

For months, Republicans have stood in the way of Covid assistance for Americans, many of whom long ago spent the $1,200 stimulus funds, and are struggling to get by as the coronavirus pandemic has pushed past 305,000 U.S. fatalities and, even as vaccines begin to circulate to a small number of people, shows no sign of slowing down, while elaving millions out of work.

The new proposal reportedly includes $300 billion for the controversial Paycheck Protection Program, which also was created in the early months of the pandemic. The program was designed to aid struggling businesses stay afloat by keeping employees paid, but in many cases end up being misused by everyone from celebrities to politicians.

Several people have been indicted for accepting PPP funds and then converting the monies for personal use to cover luxury car purchases and other fancy items.

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