Retired 4 Star General Set To Become First Black Defense Secretary In U.S. History

A highly decorated 4 star general is set to make history as the first Black Defense Secretary in U.S. history, according to reports. President-elect Joe Biden is soon expected to announce Gen. Lloyd Austin will be his nominee to lead the world’s top military organization when Biden takes office in January.

General Austin is a graduate of the prestigious West Point Military Academy who has been serving the country in uniform since 1975.

Previously, the general served as former President Barack Obama’s Commander of the United States Central Command.

Incoming President Joe Biden had been urged to select a Person Of Color to lead the nation’s military agency. Its estimated that one third of all enlistees in the U.S. military are African-American.

While his accomplishments are long, perhaps not surprisingly, Gen. Austin’s potentially historic nomination has been met with controversy, with some on Capitol Hill calling into question his role in overseeing drone strikes against suspected terrorists that led to civilian casualties, and his involvement with deportations of illegal immigrants.

Also not surprisingly, Republicans have made a point to target the general, with Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, a staunch ally of President Trump, expressing concern that the general would need to obtain a congressional “waiver”–which allows a general who retired less than 7 years ago to lead the force–although a waiver was issued for President Trump’s pick for defense secretary under very similar circumstances in 2017.

Cotton told Fox News he had reservations about issuing another such waiver.

Gen. Austin reportedly enjoys a long and solid relationship with the soon-to-be President, which may have factored into Biden’s decision-making.

President-elect Biden is expected to announce his nomination of Gen. Austin as soon as this week. Political drama aside, Gen. Austin is expected to be confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate next month.

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