Sen. Bernie Sanders Urges Relief Plan That Includes Stimulus Checks

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is working hard against a bi-partisan Covid relief plan that excludes direct stimulus payments to Americans whose finances have been crippled by the ongoing pandemic, according to reports.

According to POLITICO, the former presidential candidate and leading Progressive is urging his colleagues in the upper chamber of Congress to reject any legislation that doesn’t send checks to struggling Americans.

Leading economists have gone on the record saying stimulus checks and unemployment insurance payments have helped keep the economy from delving into a full-on depression, as Americans who received those payments reinvested the money into the economy by spending and catching up on past due bills.

At the end of this month, millions of Americans will lose unemployment funding. And the stimulus payments were issued in the spring but Congress has yet to issue another round of payments.

Meanwhile, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is demanding any relief plan include legal protections for businesses accused of negligently exposing its customers or employees to the deadly Covid virus. That is an exemption that Democrats are opposed to.

At least one Republican is on board with issuing new stimulus payments to ordinary Americans. Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, rumored to be planning a bid for president in 2024, said it was “crazy” that the government could issues billions of dollars in payments to businesses, but not to ordinary Americans.

Hawley, an ally of outgoing President Donald Trump, has urged the current president to veto legislation that does not include direct stimulus payments.

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